Thursday, December 22, 2011

DiGi iPhone 4SURE 4 ME

Guys, so finish reading the previous post plan to get yourself an iPhone 4S? For me, yes! Hmm... I never use any iPhone before and just stick with my Nokia keypad phone. I saw my friends, relatives using it but I just want to have my own an iPhone! iPhone really have a lot of usage, it can provide you with the simple calling, SMS, MMS, Camera, WiFi Internet, 3G and many more. The most special that can be found in iPhone, I think should be their apps.
The iPhone apps were so attractive and the settings of iPhone are always the best in the world. The sensitive of the touch screen which also recommended by a lot of iPhone users, so I think it's the time to change! Anyway, in iPhone 4S I am sure everyone knows the most special stuffs will be the SIRI. What's SIRI actually? You can call it a Phone Guide or even the Live Guide for you! SiRi was so brilliant, he/she can know everything out of the world. So you can just ask him/her anything and he/she will try his best to answer you!
Why I wish to have an iPhone? Hmm... I need an iPhone for.. of course is use as contact friends, using their special apps, enjoy using WiFi Internet, playing games like Angry Birds and many more features! I am looking forward to own one of it and change my daily life. Seriously I wish to have an iPhone to update my Facebook, Twitter or even do some LIVE instant blogging. Hopefully I can get an iPhone 4S which have 8 megapixel of camera to capture the better photos to share them online!
iPhone 4S, I wish to get it one! Of course when I get it, I will support back DiGi. Do you know why? DiGi is the lowest price iPhone package in the town! Besides that, DiGi still provide a lot features for their users and subscribers, such as DiGi Music, DiGi Games or even Super Deals and more. So hopefully I can get an iPhone 4S for my christmas and new year gift! When I open my door one day, I could see an iPhone 4S is in front of me! Hehe... Merry Christmas everyone...I want an iPhone 4S!! iPhone for Steve Jobs! =) Posted by GenYong 22.12.2011 

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