Monday, December 5, 2011

5SB4 Farewell with Teachers

After 11 months, we had ended our secondary school life. The last memories together was starting from this year 2011! Well, this year I was studied at the class 5SB4. Not a very quiet class and always full of laughing and chit chats. All the classmates were so cooperate and friendly, I like them very much! While exam session the whole class will turn to half class (most of them will skipped school and study at home). All the teachers that taught us this year were so kind and friendly with us!
Those teachers were just like our friends, always share something with us about school life or any general knowledges. I like this kind of teachers and they were responsible on our education too! No discipline teachers in our class so our class was always making jokes and fun with teachers! Most of the teachers' age was near to us and maybe this is one of the facts that let us to get close with them!
On 30th November 2011, after the biology paper we had organized a farewell dinner to invite all the classmates together with teachers. On that day 35 of us were present and 5 teachers were there together with us to have the farewell dinner. It was so fun to have the last farewell in this year with all the classmates and teachers!
So as well we ate the dinner, sharing opinions, chit chat, making jokes and discussing future plans. Whereas after dinner everyone was moving around to get some chances having group photos with classmates and teachers. I think this will be the last memories in the secondary school life, after this year everyone will move to other place and it's hard to gather everyone again!
Chee Wei and Zan-Wei on the camera. They are my good friends in class, they were so helpful and kind. We are discussing to start a small internet business. Now we are still working up on the concept phase. I think it will be launching soon! Stay tuned for it!
After the dinner, we had some chit chatting with friends and teachers as well. Besides that, we also walked out to the New World Park and took some group photos with the christmas decorations. A memorable group photos on the stage but too bad some of them went to Internet Cafe for playing the online games and they left earlier. So how was your secondary school life? Did you having the farewell like us too? Posted by GenYong 05.12.2011

*Some photos credited from You Loong!


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