Wednesday, December 28, 2011

DiGi iPhone 4SURE I DO 1ST

After posting up the previous blog posts, I am trying my best to complete the whole blog post set for this contest. DiGi is giving out iPhone 4S, I hope that i can get myself an iPhone 4S from DiGi! Alright, the first impression from me for iPhone 4S is the new device SiRi. So the first thing I will do is to thank DiGi and Nuffnang for giving me the chance to win myself an iPhone 4S.
From that on, the first thing I will do is to connect to Internet via WiFi to inform my friends that I have won an iPhone 4S. Besides that, I will say a bunch of thank you to DiGi and Nuffnang for sending me this iPhone 4S. After that, I will talk with SiRi to let her get the service for me! Take a photo of my family and send to web maybe? Hmm... I really hope that I can win an iPhone 4S!
Next, I will sign up for the DiGi package to connect my iPhone 4S. I really hope that one day I can complete  with my dream. No matter how, the first thing I will do is to thank DiGi and also Nuffnang provide me the chance stands to win an iPhone! Thanks to DiGi and Nuffnang 4SURE I DO 1ST! Posted by GenYong 28.12.2011

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