Sunday, December 4, 2011

SPM 2011 Break Time

I believe that most of the people were facing SPM examination while you were studying Form 5. SPM usually held on the year end which fall in school holidays. This year it was quite different and held it earlier compare to last few years. This year the first day was on 14th November 2011 until the last day 07th December 2011. So still few more days to go and get my freedom after the secondary school education!
Well, SPM has taken a long time to complete it. But according to the timetable, it was not that packed like school exam. At least we have the time to make the revision for those subjects again. It's good! While taking the science subjects, there were 3 papers to cover. So in morning session 8am until 9.15am we were having the objective paper 1, 10am until 12.30pm having paper 2 subjective, break then 2pm until 3.30pm having paper 3.
So actually it was quite tired because we need to stay in school until the afternoon. But all is over now and if holiday it was quiet and suitable for us to carry out the last minute revision. Spot the questions, focus on it and discussed with friends! It was fun. I would like to thank my friend Jian Hao for buying us two days lunch as chicken rice when we were taking the chemistry and biology papers. He was a good guy! The memories of 5SB4! Posted by GenYong 04.12.2011

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