Thursday, December 29, 2011

After SPM.... We Rocks!

Well, I had graduated from secondary school and finally finished up my studies as a secondary student, I had completed challenge SPM 2011! On the last day of SPM, I manage to take some photos of my friends before I leave the school.
Before the last paper exam, everyone was hardworking doing last minute revision.
SPM examination is struggle but yet it's not really that hard. Maybe I was stress on that because my foundation in science was not good enough. The most scary part should be Additional Maths, but now everything has over! It's the time for us to enjoy well ourselves! So guys did you enjoy your holidays?
After the last paper, everyone was like flying out of the cage! The classroom was empty!
I missed my friends a lot because most of them were friendly and they were all good friends. Some of them I knew them since I was Form 1 and some of them just recently knew well of them. Time flies, so fast we leave each other already. I just hope that next time we can meet again in somewhere? Really hope that! The most I missed is my school life, somehow not satisfied of the schooling system previously but now I started to miss it.
All my friends, I hope that we can stay connect via phone calls, SMS, Address, Email and the most important is Facebook! Well, I wish everyone here getting awesome in your life and try the best to achieve higher level in education or jobs! 10 years later, we will be different and I promise we will gather in school again to find back our schooling memories! =) I miss friends. Posted by GenYong 29.12.2011

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