Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Podcaster Ben Ooi

Hello guys, I had promised Ben who was one of the Penang Hokkien podcasters. He's a blogger too and really have a style like Namewee. He's my school ChungLing students which same age with me. I promised him and I take the opportunities here to promote about him. He could compose himself a demo and also some songs with his creativity.
By the way, I really like his photos and his podcast. He could go everywhere and really enjoy in it. Anyway, he dare to write something in a true way and really let's his blog reader admire at. However he was not a newly born blogger but just not yet be famous. I hope by this post he can gain on his traffic and increase his blog reader. Smashpop also read his blog, why not you?
Pictures credited from his blog
Come on go and say hi to him or maybe he will do a podcast for you! XD. You can just click from my blogroll to read his blog or I will link you there. Go support him, he's really a talent! Anyway YingKai, I will promote you in later okay? Thanks

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