Thursday, October 22, 2009

Friends Forever, Happy Memories

On the last day of PMR examination after the last paper Chinese, everyone cheered up and shout. After that dismissed and went home properly. My school bus waited us at Convent Green Lane bus stop and I took opportunity to snap some photos. I suddenly remembered one of my bus-mates Chen Gang is going to Singapore which sponsored by one association. Congratulations to him first and do work hard in Singapore!

Now I will share with you the happiness and memories on that day. While waiting our bus to come we had snapped a lot of photos and some random shots.
The Happiness
They are Yve Xian and Shi Zhang which are my bus mates and also friends. They showed their happiness and relax after completed the PMR Examination.
Chen Gang
He is the 'main character' in this blog post. He is Chen Gang which I mentioned he had gone to Singapore with the scholarship. It's a good try Chen Gang and now you have successfully applied. Hope you can suit the life in Singapore!
Memorable Shots
I took the opportunities to take a photo with my this friend. He had gone to Singapore and no longer at Penang. Next year when he come back for Chinese New Year, I think I must go and visit him again share some different lifestyle with him.
Friends Forever
I took a group shot among three guys which is ShiZhang, TzeHern and ChenGang. I think this will be another memorable photo that shows friends forever. I hope ChenGang can view my blog in Singapore. Anyway, many ChungLing guys had gone to Singapore or switched to International schools. But I still stay in ChungLing, be myself. Posted by GenYong 22.10.2009

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