Thursday, October 22, 2009

Action Group Farewell Dinner 2009

This had happened many weeks before. I just clean up my photos storage and I found this set of photos. I had take part in Action Group for 3 years and now I have a position of Assistant Treasurer. I was glad that my effort did not waste, I tried my best to attend every activities and do my best to help the school. The Action Group teacher advisor Mr Ch'ng was invited us to a farewell dinner at Corner Club, Gurney Drive to thank for our effort and farewell for those Form 5 EXCOs.
Form 3 EXCOs
A group of Form 3 EXCOs and also the only members of Form 3. I think next year will have more same age people joined us.
Outgoing EXCOs
Outgoing EXCOs
The outgoing Form 5 EXCOs were having the group shot with the teacher advisor Mr Ch'ng and Mr Tan. I think this will be the memorable photos for Action Group this year. By the way, the outgoing EXCOs had done a lot of achievements and successfully bring the group towards the best. Thank you very much!
The new HI-COM was invited too... Anyway, the new president Ernest Kwok, follow by Deputy President Lim Hong Woon, Secretary Cavan Goh, Treasurer Tan Chong Siang.
Form 4 EXCOs
The most potential and most hardworking Form 4 EXCOs. They had put their effort for this group since they're Form 2 in the year 2007. They helped this group a lot on repairing and maintenance for school. Thank you!
The new afternoon session Board Of Directors. They had a large number of B.O.Ds! Hopefully they can help us to cover up all the jobs in the afternoon session. I think they can be the next generation HI-COM after us. Add oil yo~! Form1, 2 committees.

Hopefully my service group will go smooth on any jobs or anything. With the help of the group members, I think we can achieve the success and be the best service group in school for now and future. Cheers up Action Group! Posted by GenYong 22.10.2009

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