Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Hungry Ghost Festival 2009 Celebration @ Bayan Lepas

I found some photos that snapped long time ago which is the hungry ghost festival celebration that happened in my area Bayan Lepas. My cousin Wei Dee was there holding his own DSLR and kept taking some nice shots. By the way, I just followed at him where he just was. That day early in the morning all the residents were prepared and came to reserve their place.
Hungry Ghost Festival
This shot I think it was raining at that time and I just moved out little bit and took this shot. Most of the peoples had prepared their food, fruits for praying used.
Putting Joysticks
When the ceremony started, everybody rushed to get the first to put on their joysticks. By the way, my grandma hold the joysticks whereas me just stand beside holding my camera. XD!
Praying Process
The Drama
During the praying process, there were two representatives come out from the group of performances and they acted as husband and wife in traditional costumes. Not to forget they also performed out some drama to entertain the peoples and children.
Get Something
In the end of the praying process, the man who hosted this occasion were distribute out all the stuffs that he had taken from us. You can see that many peoples crowded there to get something else where. My cousin and I stood in front and we took a lot of things and snapped a lot of photos. The action from the distributer was really great, what I can say he was not distribute properly, just simply throw to people and that's your luck if you get it!
Choose New Chief
Later on finally they come out with the last process which was choose the new chief. This an annual process. It seems like an election and decision was on the God. XD! Anyway, every year they changed the new chief and the one who get it will responsible to care for the praying stuffs one year. My dad also be a Pek Kong chief before which was last year! Posted by GenYong 14.10.2009


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