Thursday, October 22, 2009

Using Broadband?

Celcom Broadband
Are you using Broadband? No matter is Maxis, Celcom or newly launched DiGi broadband... Or you still stick with the Streamyx Internet Service? By the way, I saw a lot of advertisement signboards hanging with the lamp post on the road. I did some random shots after my PMR examination. It was not new and maybe it had been there for about 2 years. It launched by Majlis Pembandaran Pulau Pinang(MPPP) to encourage people 'Recycle'.

Then Celcom company sponsored for this campaign and advertise their broadband products. I still remember that time was the first time Celcom broadband had launched and later Maxis followed up with the broadband and advertise on Rapid buses.

Nowadays the Internet service was no longer owned by Streamyx. You have the choice whether sign up for broadband or P1WiMaX. P1 has a funny advertisement that call everyone 'potong' their line and switch to P1 Wimax. If you're Penangite, you can also enjoy the Penang FON and Penang WiFi from the state government. Penang WiFi is free!

You can enjoy the WiFi service at Queensbay Mall, Gurney Plaza, Megamall Pinang, Bukit Jambul Complex, Georgetown heritage sites and many more places in Penang. Now you have the choice, which one you prefer? It's time to change. Posted by GenYong 22.10.2009

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