Monday, October 26, 2009

B.A.S.E Jump People Shots

Yesterday morning was the event of ride bicycle with Chief Minister. I had no chance to go because of a lot of activities need to be prepare. Next week I gonna to miss again the Hikathon which organized by Guang Ming Daily. Anyway, I will go for the Leo Sales @ Adventist Hospital. Meet me there if you can!

Now let me show you some of the people shots in the events. My dad and I had learnt a lot of knowledges on that day. We keep asking the officers about B.A.S.E Jump. We also carried out some questions on the safety and training of B.A.S.E Jump. I really admired at the officers who always willing to tell us the procedure.

Dad V Shahrul
My dad were asking one of the officers which called Shahrul. He really a kind man and willing to let us know more about B.A.S.E Jump. He told us the procedures on the base jump training. I just realized training for just one year and you can go and try. But safety first!
Me V Pak Din
Next our local Malaysia Senior Base Jumper Pak Din. He was almost controlled all the process when someone started to jump down. He need to standby everything and get ready for the base jumper to land down and make sure everything go smooth. He nearly same age with my dad and he's from Kuantan. I really admired at him who had this age still active in such activities! Not possible... Cheers up Pak Din!
My dad keep asking some officers about the jumpers status and the procedure on jump down. The officer said this was really dangerous. It can't have another chance when you jumped down, so the tools must packed nicely and completely, once anything happened you must think of the safety first and try the best to land down.
The Jumper
Landed Jumpers
As we can see our local jumpers were so well-trained and just only take a few minutes they can land down. They said to us packed the tools need about half an hour time but used it for just only a few minutes. *The curious part I want to know that why our local chinese didn't participate in this activity? Is it dangerous or anything? XD. Malaysia Boleh!
Western Jumper
Later, I saw a pro western jumper landed down together with his sun-glasses. I think he had trained for long time in his country and he seems take it easy when jumped down. What he had comment was "Enjoy the jump down period". I think he really relax and he went to try for many times.
India Jumper
I think he's only a person who came from India. Don't look down at India as their technology might be more advance than us. This jumper I felt so surprise that he packed his own video camera on top his jumping helmet and record down the process and the scenery of Penang. It's a good idea and also a memorable collection. Good job!

Readers, I think I will stopped here for a while and later I will show you more photos on this base jump. Thanks for reading! Do enjoy ~! Posted by GenYong 26.10.2009

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