Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Get back Phone

The Phone
My friend Randy had get back his phone since July. It's a long story to tell you here or else you can refer to Aviation 1's blog. Anyway just brief out something about this. One of my classmates and also my friend HengYoung, he played the Randy's phone and caused his newly bought phone to be banned by the discipline unit. And like this until now already 3 months...

However he told me that he was very happy to get back his phone together with the SIM Card. Firstly I have to congratulate to him for getting back his belonging and I would like to advise him not to bring phone to school anymore!

By the way, I think most of the Form3 students feel really happy today and is the time to release stress. My friend still joke on me that the electric bill will hike up in this month because of always play games. XD!

So I think I shall go and organize myself and plan out all the aft-PMR schedule
P/s: aft= after. Posted by GenYong 13.10.2009

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