Tuesday, May 12, 2009

What's Surf Loft?

Hey yo~! guys and gals here, there's a big deal for you! SurfLoft was coming back a contest again. The RM100 will be giving out to the winner for each week who crowned as the Best Surfie. Of course for us Bloggers have a big deal, they are awarding us RM150 each to the 3 winners for the Top Blog award.

This morning, I received the advertisement brochure from my friend. He just put on my table and I ask him what's that. Actually I wondered that why he will give me rather than gave to others? By the way, he describe to me about this was the good competition for the Internet kakis. He was read my blog through and he was giving me a chance to participate in this competition.

Actually today I won't be online anymore, but I would like to search about what's this stuff so I do so. Anyway, I found that this was a cool stuffs that I ever I met, it's a bloggers' competition. Although the dateline is near but I believe that there still come afford. I spent my time for blogging this and hope can help for promoting SurfLoft.

This website was providing you the IT news, latest IT informations, new gadgets and some interesting stuffs. The idea of this website is more based on FORUM type, let surfies have the chance to make discussions with others. I think this is a newly built website and we must go and support it! Jom we go....

P/s: Bloggers, you're recommended to visit this website as well as the surfie or internet kaki. This was a features site and it can let you enjoy with sharing your ideas with others.

What do you waiting for? Come on click on this link and go directly! Thank you. Posted by GenYong 12.05.2009

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