Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Official MB let people turn round & round

Hey readers, actually today I shouldn't be online but when I checked for the latest updates from Malaysiakini.com. I found that there was a surprise that why the laws keep turning our mind round and round. Now the official MB is who? Nizar or Zambry? From the news, I read that Zambry's lawyer Cecil Abraham was successfully appealed from the High Court to extend the execution of decision for the official MB. 

By the way, I have some questions want to ask all of you. Now our country politics were full of miricles, many things can happen in a short term. That you can see from Nizar and his EXCOs were moved into Dewan Negeri Perak for 7 hours and now have to vacate again from the office. I want to ask, nowadays why laws were turning people round & round. No the actual decision at all

P/s: For example, if one person has been declared guilty by court then another day the court still say can extend the execution, do you think this have the point? 

For the Barisan Nasional side, they will so happy to hear this good news from the high court. Bt for the Pakatan Rakyat side, I believe that many of the leaders will so disappointed at the decision. What were they aim for? Why don't Barisan Nasional agree with the High Court decision on yesterday and run through the re-election as soon as possible for electing out the fair and clean state government.

That's this point can strongly see that Barisan Nasional wasn't want to release the state government. Is that a unscrupulously government will get the trust from people? I don't think so! Why should BN still holding the power? No point what! That's why nowadays BN will lose many of trusts is caused with those cases, they play rude in politics and never give people a good trust and play along the tricks. 

Even the polices and FRU were control by them to stop the Nizar excos for going into the Dewan Negeri Perak for working. Now the BN really stepped into the worst place, there is no people can rescue it. From the news, I read that Cecil Abraham was make the appeal from High Court is to stop Nizar meet with Sultan and dismiss the DUN. Why he should do that? Why don't BN wait for the re-election held and see for the result then action for it? 

That is because of BN scare to lose the state government in Perak. The insider who makes this out should be a good politics person. Who do you think so? Our PM Najib? or else anyone from UMNO? I don't know. Just let you to comment! I hope that people will open up their eyes and look at what's happening now and what've BN did. I think that many people will say out BN useless, hate BN and etc. 

If the re-election can be held, so you must think more of it whether to vote BN or Pakatan Rakyat. For the Pakatan Rakyat, I would like to say something for them. PR, almost of people confirmed that you're the best but just some problems make you to be stopped. We still trust you all, we will support you all until the end of this story. Pakatan Rakyat cheers, let's celebrate 513 40th Anniversary! Posted by GenYong 12.05.2009

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