Friday, May 29, 2009

Wesak Day 09

Last 3 weeks ago, my dad brought me and my mum to the Than Siang Temple for praying and did the 'buddha bathing' at there. We went there in the afternoon but still saw a lots of people queue up to take the chance for bathing the buddha. It's a small buddha and it's surrounded by the water that's full of flowers.
Buddha Bathing
It's helping mini buddha bathing, did you bath them? =)
Little girl
Hello little girl and her grandmother. The little so cute and her grandma was busy bathing the buddha.
Many people also bath the buddha. Did you?
Flower Water
My mum was taken two packets of flower water to home and put into the bathroom and bath it for god blessing. I like the smell of water, it's nice smell! =)
Everyone was praying and wish for good lucks coming on that day. I didn't buy the stuffs but I just used my both hands and pray it with heart. So how you spent your Wesak Day? I didn't go for night but is morning for this year. And it's different place, but same features! Posted by GenYong 29.05.2009


Anonymous said...

too much grammar mistake...
be careful the usage english

GenYong said...

Anonymous, thanks for your comment. I will improve my english.

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