Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Smile @APC

The Smile
Readers, sorry for no updates this few days although it is holidays. By the way, I was busy on my school projects report and attended many events such as Area Peninsular Convention which organized by JCI Pearl. Do you know I am a JCI Junior too?

Anyway, last friday that's Labour day I didn't rest at all and busy attend to the event. I would like to be the most supportive member in this club and this was also my duty to attend such events. I was very happy to get the chance for involving in this activity. Although I couldn't get the award of Most Outstanding Junior Jaycees Club which done by myself on 30th of April night late until 2.30am, I still feeling well and excited to participate in the activity.

I learned a lot of knowledge there about individual, community and also leadership. Besides that, I felt interesting on the team building activity that held in front of City Bayview Hotel. I really learned a lot of things and this was a good refreshment for me and led me to the new life. Today I won't blog about the activity, I just make an annoucement with my photo and maybe you can refer to ChienMing's blog for more event informations.

Check out my blog for more updates of the event and I will try my best to post up all the photos that's great enough! Thank you. Posted by GenYong 03.05.2009

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