Monday, May 11, 2009

That's the finally happening

Yo~! I was glad that after heard this breaking news from radio station as well as also First of all, I would like to congratulate to our always dearest Menteri Besar Datu Seri Nizar Jamaluddin is still the real Menteri Besar in Perak

After the rulling in High Court this afternoon, the high court decided to mark Nizar as the official Menteri Besar. This was bring the e
xtremely good news to everyone in Malaysia. From this case we can see that the court is fair to people. So you will ask me how can Zamb
ry and his B.O.D to survive? 

Actually I am not sure of this, maybe they will moved out from the Dewan Negeri and wait for the state re-election. But I believe that almost Perak residents won't vote for them anymore, because we believe the "1Malaysia" must run smoothly with the good government. Not we don't want to give Barisan Nasional a chance, is them keep showing us they're rude! 

By the way, now the best way is to dismiss the current state seats and held a re-election in Perak. Hopefully Nizar can meet with the Perak Sultan and dismiss all the assemblymen in Perak State and held for the re-election. From now on, Barisan Nasional not even have the chance to say anything. I want to give BN a word, if you still remain your attitude in this status, the malaysia is going to change government. 

We hope that this re-election can be held in the peace status. Zambry and his B.O.D please moved out the State Government building as fast as possible to make the process run smoothly. Now Nizar and Zambry were rushing for their time, Nizar is going to meet the Sultan whereas Zambry is going for the UMNO 63rd Anniversary in KL. 

So hopefully who will you support? For me, I will support Nizar and always the fair, clean government! Let us sweep out Barisan Nasional from Malaysia, we need a new government! Thank you! Let the "1Malaysia" succeed by Pakatan Rakyat!
Posted by GenYong 11.05.2009

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