Friday, May 8, 2009

APC Group Shots

Hello readers, I know you're looking forward for my updates about APC. By the way, I would like to apologize for the late posting. I was suffered for three days late sleeping and I tried to survive for the projects in last minute time. So today I finally managed to settle all the projects and still one or two more going on. I need a deep rest ~!

So I think today better I show you some of the group shots which taken by me on APC. The more features will be post up in the upcoming blog post.
Area Peninsular Convention 09
This photo was taken after the debating competition. From the competition, I once more have the chance to watch the real life debating among two parties. It's great enough! =)
Area Peninsular Convention 09
The presentation from Yvonne who from Taiwan was ended. This seminar talk let me experience myself well and understand about my ability. What she had taught us is "you must understand yourself before you go and understand others". The talk mostly were using Chinese to host. Thank JC Philip Ong who stand on the left was invited Yvonne for hosting this talk.
Area Peninsular Convention 09
Next after few hours in hotel seminar and talks, we had gone outdoor in the afternoon for doing some team building projects. We were gathered at the mini garden where in front of the City Bayview Hotel.
Area Peninsular Convention 09
Area Peninsular Convention 09-Presidents
Area Peninsular Convention 09-LOM Presidents
The presidents group photos were taken by me and it's seems have the good image. I like all of the photos on top and it was cool.
Area Peninsular Convention 09
Area Peninsular Convention 09
Area Peninsular Convention 09
So what can you get for the conclusion after reading my this blog post. You can see that most of the photos were group shots and the more details will be update in upcoming blog post. Be sure you check out the features. Thank you very much! Posted by GenYong 08.05.2009

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