Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Penang Hill Climbing Opening Ceremony

Last Sunday, there was a hill climbing event which organized by Lion Club of District 308 B2. I participated this activity with my dad. We went there early in the morning and find out a lot of features. Although my dad's friends were not there but we met a lot of VIPs.

Our dearest Chief Minister, YAB Lim Guan Eng went there to host the opening ceremony. I really satisfied for participating this activity. When we want to went down from the top hill, we still sat on a four-wheel drive car with the Penang Hill YB Liew Chin Tong. Really a surprise for me and I was so happy on that day can be taken a lot of YBs photos. =)
The Committees
The Committees, they're taking the group shot at the starting point!
3rd Fun Walk
This is a monument which had been installed on 2 years ago. Our currently CM didn't see this before and he saw it that day!

Below are some photos about our dearest Chief Minister with others taken by me!
CM look here!
CM look here! #1
Group Photo
Morning Smiles
CM with students
Hello CM!
We smile with CM!
I found that our current CM was a kind person. He don't act arrogant to people and he is the most friendly CM that I met before. He always keep his smiling and ready for photographers to take photos. The photos above got some shots I very like it! CM face at my cam and smile at the screen. Nice shot!

CM, if got chance you must come my blog and read about. You can grab the photos back! XD. =)
Old couples
The two old couples came here too. I think they're the famous hiker and the TYT official photographer also knows them. "Hello uncle and aunty, good morning. We feel very happy to see both of you come and support us!"
3,2,1 Start!
After the TYT(Penang Gabenor), Tun Dato Seri Utama (Dr.) Haji Abdul Rahman Bin Haji Abbas and Chief Minister hosted the opening ceremony, the participants started to run! Everyone hopes to get the first who hike up the hill. Somebody rushing to fight for the first! As me and my dad just followed at the back and walk slowly. Did you go for this activity? Write out your comment here!

The more features will be post up soon! Check out>>Thanks. Posted by GenYong 14.04.2009


Pix Pixie said...

Hi Gen Yong,

Can we use some of your photos for the DAP newspaper, The Rocket? I can't find your email contact anywhere. Let me know ya! Thanks.

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