Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Angels & Demons Release Tomorrow

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Yo~! guys, what movie are you waiting for? Tomorrow there will have a new movie release which is Angels & Demons. I think it's a good movie although I haven't watch yet. By the way, this movie was categorize as 18PL and I have no chance to watch it.

I believe this will be the great movie seems the author of this book is the same person as THE DAVINCI CODE. This movie will be released out on tomorrow in all cinemas in Malaysia. From Smashpop, the movie is easier to understand than the previous DAVINCI CODE. So I am looking forward for the movie DVDs release and I will buy it and watch.

This movie is one of the grand movies of the year. The upcoming movies will have Terminator Salvation and also Transformers 2. 2009 is full of movies and I hope to watch it as well.

P/s: I will stop updating my blog starting from today until my exam ends that's 29th of May. I will be back, wait for the latest updates! Thank you. Posted by GenYong 13.05.2009


yihan said...

I want to watch!I want to watch! but cannot...exam la...maybe holidays will go to see.

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