Monday, May 11, 2009

Exam is coming up next week

Exam Timetable
I was not feeling well after heard this news. Actually early in last month, I had received the exam timatable from school. There's still one week to go before the exam. This exam was quite considered for me, it takes me a lot of time and efforts to concentrate in this exam. By the way, I have to stop all my side activities such as blogging, online, chatting and my society stuffs as well. 

Exam Timetable
Last but not least, for my readers here if you miss my blog post updates. You can either SMS me or email me, but usually I won't check mails because of no sources to online. But don't worry, I will be back on 29th of May that's two weeks later. Check out my blog and be sure you're happy in exam. As a representative of candidates here, I wish everyone Happy Exam and Good Luck in your exam! Thank you. Add oil yo~! =) Posted by GenYong 11.05.2009


Anonymous said...

your blog are vry nice ......

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