Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Year Eve 2008

I was been Queensbay to countdown for 2008 yesterday night. We went out from 9.30pm until 12.30 midnight. We went out from 2007 to 2008!! Haha... That's like peoples said. Alright, we shop at Jusco and I was bought me a clothes. Jusco open until 12.00 midnight also. Many peoples there and choose for their clothes also. I not count for the new year, because I was late and I paid for the counter in Jusco that time. I believe that sure very fun!! Anyway, I saw fireworks after the countdown. That's really cool!! Let's me show you the photos and the video I have been modified.

Today, I was followed my family to BJ complex buy shoes. You should ask why go BJ? Because there have a lot of shoes shop. I bought a shoes for CNY. Next post I show you all la!! I bought some IT things also. But now I was trying, but the pirated CD's of Photoshop and PhotoImpact can't run. Can you all help me to solve this problem? I really want to solve this problem!! Thanks!!

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