Saturday, January 19, 2008

CLHS Activities Orientation Day 2008 Part 2

Hey guys, are you waiting so long for my Part 2 'story' of the activities? Sorry for this week I was busy for my school life! Can be say this was a busy week! Monday until Wednesday night, I slept late. Seriously late! Too many of assignments! Alright, it was gone! Now let me to tell you the 'story':
This was the scouts promotion place! The design was so creative! They attracted a lot of peoples also! Congratulations to them!
Leo Club
Alright, recent post I was say that I met Nicholas, Alvin and Kenny right? They were the Leo Club's members. So I went to their exhibition place and met them! So I try to shot their promotion uniform too! Cool!

Next, I want to show you all the photos that I shot in school corporation(Koperasi). Let see:
Wow, they were selling ice cream to visitors. Our ice cream sold out at the final! That was seriously earned a lot!
Early in the morning, we started work ready! I think this was my first shot since I took out my camera! They were busy to setup somethings for the business!
I would like to introduce some 'pro' members of Koperasi for you all to know!
This was the cashier, Lim Yee Chuen. He was same age with me! Junior Prefect discipline master too! So I can say that he was pro! Haha...
Next, is the promoter Tan Lee Xiang. He was try to promote well to Form1 boys. He treated me well while I was Form1 last year! He really a wise 'director'!
This was our students advisor and also 'supervisor', Teh Wei Huai. He was busy that day! For service group and us! Really cool him! He also a wise leader too!
The last was the president of this club, Lee Ewe Chuen! He was observe us to serve peoples well! He was the good president of our club that I think!
The most last is me lo! Have you seen me at Nick and Alvin's blog? Nick was shot me nicely! Alvin was shot me so cute! Haha... Then this was shot by who again? Actually this photos is shot by my friend, Tan Wei Jie with my camera. Lol. This also cute?!

The last photo I shot was when I was prepare to back home and shot it! What I shot?
Kadet Polis
That was Kadet Polis lo! They 'walking together', very neat! The best uniform unit in school! Really discipline themselves! Good job!

Seem, one hour later I was finish my update! Today was going to school for replacement on CNY soon! Alright, feel that so tired and so sleepy! Anyway, I just go and sleep and see you tomorrow! Good night everyone! Posted by GenYong 19/01/2008


SilverIsle said...

You are both nice and cute lar. =P

Mic. Tham said...

no doubt, I miss my highschool badly after reading this!

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