Saturday, January 26, 2008

Random post of last few days

Hi everyone! I was decided to post the picture that I shoot today. But I mind that was impossible to post now. Alright, I just post the pictures that I shoot last few days. Since the Thaipusam over, I have been do what? Actually, is nothing special for me to do except study! Anyway, I am a student and also a blogger! I am in B class now, so I hope that I can go to A class next year! On Thursday, while I was in the school there was an exhibition of Budaya08. There were to promote the places that interesting to travel for us and also their lifestyle! There have some countries such as Holland(Dutch Lady), Japan(Technology) and China(Beijing 2008). Wow, seems that there was so excited for all students. That's of course included me! I was decided to know more about this events. I visit their site also have nothing notice! But I still remember that there will have a cultural night held in USM on 23rd February 2008. So if you are free, can go and visit visit lo! Know more our 'Budaya'!

Besides this, I was bought a calculator during this week! Actually I minded no need to buy yet! But my school teacher and also tuition teacher recommended us me to buy it for PMR soon! So I bought it ready!
This was the model I bought. CASIO fx350MS! I was buy it from School CO-OP. Cost me RM28.00, that's really comfortable la! I think so. I will start to learn how to use it soon!

Further more, I bought this card reader on 13rd January in Bukit Jambul Complex. Actually is not buy la, is 'change'! Add more RM20.00 to buy more useful!
Card reader
This was the model of card reader! CADENA 41 in 1, is it look like really pro? Haha... Is actually Japan product, but made in China! lol.

Since recent posts I just stress that CNY is coming soon right? Alright, CNY we must have such what things? In your mind, you will think that must got foods, drinks and all the leisures things. How about greeting cards? Is it still fashion for this time? Or you just only greeting by using Email? Let me show you the one of the greeting cards that my sister bought!
CNY Greeting Card
This is the greeting cards lo! The design was so creative! The cartoons also so cute! So you must prepare some to give to your friends soon! Countdown for only one week more CNY is arrive! So how you celebrate? Leave comment for me la!

I not yet post the today 'trip' to school! So I will post it soon as well! Hope that you will excited for it! I will went to Sunshine Square 1 day sale later! Surely I will shoot photos la! Goodbye. Posted GenYong 26/01/2008