Saturday, January 5, 2008

School Reopened I was doing what?

For your information, school already reopen since 03/01/2008(Thursday). As a student, that's sure to go back school and continue study. Seem I was just finish my assignments, then I quickly come and blog. Since school reopen until today, I have open my PC for 3 times. Ahaa.... That's yesterday, just now afternoon and now! Because of school day, I have not shot for more photos. Although this morning I was at school meeting for Junior Jaycees, but the seniors were not allowed me to take photos. So that, can't shot lo! Alright, just now I shot the process of doing my assignments. Let's me show you la:

First, I get my Form 2 Chapter 1 Science notes from tuition. The title was (The World Through Our Senses) The orange front cover of the notes is it looked like more standard? This is SK Ong's style! He was operating Tunas Bestari in Bayan Baru now! Haha... Is me now to do promotion for him?

That's the homeworks of yesterday, I was prepare some exercise books from advisement of teachers. Just write Index, doing some exercise and write the name in the front cover. Seems not textbooks at my hand now, so teachers just give some exercises to do without textbooks.
While doing my Malay's exercise, I was searching for some"Kata ganti nama" from my primary book. Haha... at least it can be help me to complete my job! Good book!

After finish my assignments, I saw the broucher from Tesco. They were doing a promotion for IT. That's IT Fair from 27/12/2007-09/01/2008, so have you went it? Hurry and catch out the deals. Okay, I was feel sleepy now! And was tired, have to leave now! Go and sleep, good night!