Sunday, January 6, 2008

Some problems of my site!

Sorry for my supporters who yesterday visit my site. That's because my site have some problems and can't view properly. This was because Advertlets site down! They didn't change their domain and direct to the site that you seen below:

Heard from Nickchan the Advertlets ads was so lousy, since last time the login of my site failed. I try to solve this problem that's really let me solve it! But from that time onwards, I started another ads service that's Nuffnang This was a good ads service! Nowadays, a new ads service was come, that's nufflets and grabmyads Those ads services I believe them first, just looking forward for their services!

Second problems is my blog pictures alignment problem. If you always visit my blog, you will noticed that why my blog pictures will all shift left. Compare with my blog template Version 2, that was different. I have been ask Nickchan, Apple and other bloggers, but they said that just adjust the pictures. Okay, I was try a lots of times also can't solve it. But just now I asked Apple, she just teach me to adjust the pictures well. Now I am doing the "experiment" haha... Hope that it will be succeed.


amei79 said...

ya all blogs that put up the advertlets ads were affected...and quite lots of bloggers blog about this, include me...haha

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