Sunday, January 13, 2008

CLHS Activities Orientation Day 2008 Part 1

Hey guys, are you waiting for my update? Haha... I 've update now! Promise you all the post that I will post today is: CLHS Activities Orientation Day 2008! I just decided there were many of photos and I will divide it to be two parts to post! Yesterday, I was attend the activities to promote my club, Koperasi to all Form1 boys! I saw Nick, Alvin and Kenny were promote their club, Leo Club to all Form1 boys too! That was we met firstly to each other! All was the blogger! Let's me to show you Nick, Alvin and Kenny first:
Nicholas Chan
This is Nick lo! A famous blogger! Cool? lol! He was taking his DSLR to shot peoples!
Alvin Ng
This was Alvin! Who place his hand^^ Lol. We were discussing somethings about IT!
Kenny Chun
KennyChun, he was busy to surf the net! HAha... Lol.

Next, we focus on the Koperasi promotion! Okay? Alright, just observe how we worked!
A part of members sell ice cream! That was our "main resources" lol.
Early in the morning, everybody was work ready! Just look at them was so busy!
Ice Cream
Those were the ice cream we sold yesterday! From RM1.00-RM2.20, the most comfortable!
Observe at the taekwondo! Ah cha! Lol.. They were so pro! Have many of peoples came and see this! Include students, parents and also girls 'leng lui'! Lol... Hehe!
Boys Brigrade
Wow, what is this? Spiderman?! Haha, that's not! Is Boys Brigrade! They were training to get more members this year! Brave!
What is the car?! I think not the real car! Is just a 'weapon' of KPA! They were attract students to see! They placed beside Boys Brigrade, will be disturb by that? I just don't know of that!

Just left 9 pictures to post next! If you are excited to know the photos you can visit this: Flickr there will have more uploaded pictures. To be continue part 2! Posted by GenYong 13/01/2008


Apple said...

Wow, your school provide wireless for students?

Renge said...

now is the peak period to recruit new members?

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