Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Northern student like to blog?!

Hey guys, seems that I was busy to have my study! Alright, but you all have know that today is Thaipusam public holiday! Begin from this year, KL and PutraJaya already get the holiday! Hooray, congratulations to them! This year thaipusam so many peoples came to Penang for the celebration. That was so lively in Penang. Starting from yesterday morning, the Indian already prepare for the celebration. Alright, so that yesterday the school which near the celebrate area get went home earlier. The school such as PCGHS, PTHS(Phor Tay) get went home@5.30pm, this was because the police was control the traffic and not to have traffic jam for the celebration! But me(CLHS) not be corrupted, so as usual lo! LOL.

Yesterday morning, when I read the newspaper(GuangMing Daily) I saw that almost northern students like to blog! That's of course include me la! Lol. Alright, why they(suppose is we)like to blog? Blogging can be earn more money? Blogging can be make more friends? Or whatever as you like to say! Really blog is just like my diary, I posted a lot of my life log! So now I feel that blogging is meaningful for me this "boring in study student"! Haha.. Is help me to improve my English language and my essay skill. That's true!
Nothern students like blog
This was the picture I shot yesterday direct from the newspaper. Seems that many of students like to blog! 部落格 means blog! Do you like it?
I saw the article in this page@GuangMing Daily. Alright, this is an education page. So that, this was survey the JitSin Private High School students. They like blog, but hope that I can know them too... Haha... Interact more friends mah!

Anyway, I saw the CNY broucher from Sunshine. They organize a One Day Sale on this coming Saturday. So maybe I will follow my family go! Wait for my post and photos that I take oh!
CNY Broucher@sunshine
The broucher of Sunshine lo! Is it nice? Creative!

Alright, you all know that Kokahkok? He has a nice photography and the good blogging skill! Now, he mind to be famous and he was purchase a domain! That's haha... Go support him la! My blog also got the widget to promote him too. Support him lo!

I think that I will be post in Saturday. So see you all ya! Bye. Have to study lo! Happy CNY!
Posted by GenYong 23/01/2008


kang yong said...

Yup, I has the same feeling too. I meet a lot of bloggers from Northern like Penang, but not Western like Pahang, Terengganu and Kelantan... How come a? Haiz...

Constance Chan said...

hi there.

KOKahKOK said...

no idea haha...

maike said...

they just mentioned bout secondary pupils lar~

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