Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Year New Demand. 2007 Gone!! 2008 Now!!

Happy New Year to everyone who visit my blog!! Are you feel that I was late greeting? Anyway, because yesterday night I went to Queensbay,Penang to countdown! 3 , 2 , 1 Happy New Year 2008!!

Alright, although 2007 has gone, but GenYong has not change, is still GenYong. But maybe is "2008 GenYong" Haha... A new year, I must get my new target. 2007 I have did what things?(achievements) Let me think and see.

> I already graduate my primary to CLHS.
> Started my new studies style.
> I meet many friends.
> I have improve my exam from 371 until now 266(position). But I must be more study hard.
> Create a blog for my class 1T14
> I thought that blog was intresting. Create a blog for myself, since September 25th.
> Built blogging networks for my class. 1t14 Blogging Networks.
> I got my first blogging camera, Sony DSC-S700
> I got my pendrive, webcam and any IT accessories.
> I have been sign up for my next domain, www.genyong.co.cc

Today was 1st day of 2008, that's sure I must get my wishlists on this year. I want to do what? Let me show you!!

> I must study hard and get better result on my school exam.
> Join more sports communities.
> Working hard for coming PMR.
> Behave my attitude.
> Help more peoples to solve problems.
> Keep blogging until famous.
> Earn more money online.
> Make more friends(any gender)
> Improve my photographic skill.
> My sites get more visitors and supporters.

I hope I can:
> Learn more things in school.
> Make more friends in my life.
> Take more photos.
> Get more A result.
> Get more support.
> Blog more.
> Keep up more best achievements for myself.

Today is just 1st day of 2008. The day of 2008 still got 365 days/366 days. Alright, I will try my self to improve in this year 2008. Beijing 2008, GenYong 2008. 888 Always "fat" haa...

Anyway, Happy New Year!! Have nice day on 2008!!


SilverIsle said...

All the best and focus in your PMR next year yea! Happy 2008! =D

kang yong said...

> Keep blogging until famous.

wish you luck... haha
Which sport communities you want to join? =P

Jon Chu said...

I'm sure what you desire with be accomplished as long as you work hard for it! :)

GenYong said...

Silverisle: I am Form 2 this year(2008) So is next year la!! Haha... Never mine is the same!!

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