Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Sunday Dinner 06/01/2008

Hi guys, are you waiting for my new post? Sorry for you to wait so long period! I really can't be open my PC this few days. You know la, I am still a student, so must be study hard! Alright, why I will online tonight? Is because tomorrow is one day of Muharram's holiday. Hehe, so I can be open my PC after finished my assignments.

Anyway, I just late to post my blog post on Sunday night. Then, I just delayed it and post it tonight. Alright, I just start my post from the dinner on Sunday night. I took my camera there and shot for some photos, the customers of the restaurant were looking at me. Haha... They were thinking that I was a "famous camera man". Haha... actually not!

That was the banner of the restaurant, "Chai Seafood". That's located at BatuMaung(near Penang FIZ). The customers is only the villagers almost come and support, but got many peoples who liked their seafoods also come and support too!

Firstly, the drinks was come! The whole family were taking the same drinks, 罗汉果(in chinese). Is quite tasty la. Only drinks costed RM6.00 ready lo! Divided each RM1.20. Haha... is ok la!

The first meal come! That was Taofu(in hokkien). Quite hot at that time, can you see the smoke came out? Actually this meal is quite delicious, it fried with eggs and some taofu. hmm... delicious!

The second was the vegetables. Is it looked green and fresh? This also very delicious! My favourite oh! I like vegetables!

Next, is the fried chickens. Looked delicious, this was my sister favourite! That was little bit of sour! But is quite tasty!

The last was the bitter gourd. This meal I was not so like at it! You should know la, is bitter mah! Hehe... almost teenagers doesn't like such things.

Alright, after having our dinner, we went back home lo! Then, we saw an aeroplane was flied down to land. I just quickly shot some photos to show you!

That was the aeroplane light on the picture 1! Then, the aeroplane was landing on the airport lo! That was the backside view of airport in picture 2!

I just quickly to finish this post and going to sleep! Alright, I will continue post tomorrow. So wait for me oh! Thanks for support! Posted by GenYong 09/01/2007

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