Sunday, January 6, 2008

Rainy Sunday

What a suprize rain! I just went back from tuition at Tunas Bestari. That time is already seems want to rain ready. The cloud was turn dark! And was like evening session! Wow, I think this was the "2008's first rain" Hahax... Wah the rain was so heavily and cause my father and I were wet while reached home. Let's me tell you today I was doing what.

First in the morning, I have ate my father fried rice and fried mee.

Is it look delicious? Ahaa... That's a good cook! hmm... delicious! I ate both one bowl and become so full! After that, I was prepare to go for tuition. In tuition centre, I minded that can be shot some photos, but it can't be possible to let me shot! So I just ignore it and forgot about it la.

On the way back home, dad said want to buy some Mee Rebus for family. Then, I just agree and followed him to Sungai Ara(near SJK(C) Chong Cheng) to buy Mee Rebus. When we reached there, I quickly took out my cyber-shot and shot for photos. Let's see:

That's mee rebus stall. Do you have been there?

There was the dessert stall behind the mee rebus stall also. Wow, the dessert was so sweet and nice to eat! Cool!

The dessert. Is it look cool? Sweet and cold. It cost about RM2.00, is okay for now normal price. Everything was grow up the price. Even one bowl of mee also cost RM2.20 per bowl now!

While eating the dessert, I looked at the sky. Wow, there was so dark, just like evening! I told dad to faster went back, if not that's sure will be wet. That's alright, while we were waiting for Mee Rebus to take back eat, the rain was start to flow down! Quite heavily! Anyway, we should be went back, so we just ride motorbike to reach home lo! When reached home, we became "wet chicken"(in chinese) haha... The whole body all fill up with waters. My bag all wet, luckily camera not wet!

You can just imagine that the rain was so heavy! I think this was the rain of many days. Hahax...

While I reached home, I saw that the stamps was stick at the rice cooker. That was collected by my dad and he was cut it off and let them flow on the water to lose the gum. Quite intresting in collect stamps! Okay, that's all about this morning until now! Hope that I can be fun on this week school days!
Posted by GenYong 06/01/2008


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