Monday, April 27, 2009

Handball Match 09

Last Saturday was a crowded day and the Penang was full of events. In the morning at Chung Ling high school there was 5 big events held, they are: my Handball Match, Basketball Match from Tourism Club, Water Rocket Competition by Astronomy Club, Library Q&A Competition and St John Training. Those events made our school crowded on that day.

P/s: that day teachers still have the meeting, so make it too crowded and traffic jam inside the school compound!

Anyway, last year I was the chairperson who hosted the Handball Match for the first time in grand. But now the time passed so fast and it's my friend being a chairperson(Ooi Jiun Ming) and I assist. him. Actually last year, we're organizing this match on 28.06.2008. This year is quite successful for the amount of participants but the uncontrolable of the participants make everyone headache and the last minute work let us no idea what's the next step going on.
The ChairPerson
Crowded of participants
As you can see that there was crowded of people. Almost of them were participants waiting for their turns to play out the match.
Kicking Football Behind Workshop
While waiting for the match to start, some form 3 guys were kicking football behind of the bengkel(workshop). They don't even scared will brake the windows. XD =)
Catch the ball
Rush for the ball
Goal or not?
The participants were tried their best to compete with other teams and get the champion back. I like this action and their sports skill with the good performances on them. Keep it up~!
Waiting for the match
Basketball Court
There are participants waiting outside by standing, sitting and others still waiting at basketball court. By the way, I think that this year the Handball Match is quite success on the amount of participants but the uncontrollable of the match is let us headache. Lack of time make us need one more week to finalize the Champion and 1st Runner Up. I think we will extend it until month of June.

Anyway, I would like to thank for those who come and support us and participate in this match. I would like to request sorry if we served you wrongly in places and hope you can forgive us, we we'll do it better on the Final and maybe for next year?! Thank you very much. Posted by GenYong 27.04.2009

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