Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Arca

Tomorrow I have to hand in some of my seni project(folio) about the logo and pembungkusan. By the way, I suddenly remember that I haven't finish all the project but I found an idea to post up the random photo which I snapped it for long time ago.

Before we started the Folio, we had done the job of making an Arca. Anyway, you sure will ask me what's Arca? Arca actually is one kind of the Seni in my study silibles. Everyone has to do it! It's a product which making in the 3D look and perform out to Seni teacher for collecting marks.
The Arca
That's my Arca shoot out. If not mistaken I took this shot for one and a half month ago when before my exam started. Is it look funny? Although it's look funny but now there's no longer here anymore, my friends spoiled it away. I used up my mind and think of the design which can attract people's sight and I put my effort for designing the grafitti.

I used simple materials to do it and it's almost recyclable items. I used paper cupboards, color paper and toilet roll to make up this product! Give me some comments about this product, your comments is very much appreciated by me! Thanks. Posted by GenYong 19.04.2009

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