Thursday, April 9, 2009

Nokia Supernova 7210

Nokia Supernova 7210
For the second post of today, my sister owned her new phone since she admired for it a long time ago. She received it from my aunt on end of last month(28th of March), if not mistaken. She loves this phone very much, it has the function of capturing photos, recording video, media and many more features.

She signed up for the DiGi service for cheaper charge in calling and my family usually using 016 so that we can added to become Friends and Family(a service from DiGi). Anyway, I can call my sister now and experience the new phone functions with colour screening.

My phone is just only black and white and some graphic with digital. By the way, I didn't hope for a new phone because I used the phone only for communication and SMS. I likes her phone too and always take it for checking some features and listening to the songs. Do you have this phone? It is nice and a quite good phone with the reasonable price! RM400 can buy it.


CycleJackson said...

Nokia 7210 is excellent,marvelous product..I am using it,the camera,keypad all are nice i unlocked the mobile recently using the Unlock code in the site

Jane said...

I am also Nokia 7210 supernova user and I loved it. It is small, stylish, colored screen and its radio is outstanding and more impressive with the speakerphones.

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