Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day 2009

Hello everyone here, do you know today 22nd of April is the annual earth day? So I would like to ask what you have done today for celebrating this event. Actually we must take it as everyday activity and every day is the earth day and we save earth energy and care for the environment everyday. 

Earth Day is one day that nominated by the world organizations. By the way, as an earth living thing we must take the responsible to make the 'good life' for our earth. Today when I read the newspapers, almost newspaper was reporting about the event of Earth Day. This can be seen they're supporting the international event. 

Before Earth Day, on passed 328 that's Earth Hour. Turn off excess light for 1 hour on 8.30pm until 9.30pm. I found that this event was quite supported by some residents and Penang State Government. The promotion also great such as on TV, online, website, newspaper, on the street and many more media. Let the earth rest for 1 hour, is it enough? We spent the earth sources too much and now is the time to replace back! 
So hope that you can do something for the earth on few hours going on before 12.00am tonight. Let's love our earth, let us have 

Thank you, Posted by GenYong 22.04.2009

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