Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Chinese Streets Name

Recently the Penang State Government was changing the street name signboard in town. They fight for the chinese streets name for some streets that contains lots of historical value. By the way, they're successful and I took some snaps for it.

I feel so proud that Penang is the first state which changed some street name signboard into 2 in 1. There's one on top is the official name and bottom is either English, Chinese or Jawi. For example, Pengkalan Weld(official name) whereas at the bottom is either Weld Quay, 海乾 and Jawi (I dont know).
Cannon St.
Acheh St.
These two streets is quite famous streets in Georgetown Heritage Site. They are full of historical value whereas many Chinese know those streets name. By the way, I am not sure that why the pass government want to name one of the street as Acheh Street. Is it any meaning with this? I heard from the Anak-anak Kota describer told me that long time ago here live alots of Acheh peoples so this is how the street get it's name.

For the Cannon Street I really not sure. I know this street is quite popular because of Khoo Kongsi. Anyway, the Anak-Anak Kota office also located along the street. I always been there because of take part in the long term project by them. I enjoy myself there and do searching around that corner to know more about heritage.

We're Penangites and we must proud of Heritage! Posted by GenYong 12.04.2009

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