Friday, April 10, 2009

KRS Campfire Part 2

Hello everyone, are you okay?
Are you happy then? Anyway, today I found that some random photos that stored in my PC and I would like to share with everyone here especially the ChungLing guys who love the Campfire very much.

I opened up part2 from the recent post of KRS Campfire. My friend like to read about this features and he's looking forward for the continuous. As now, I can show him and he will be very happy! XD =)
Yang Jie Singing
At first, Yang Jie was singing on the stage and brief everyone up with the high voice. He sang the song which can make everyone 'wake up' and rocks together. Really proud at him! =)
Next the representatives of KPA were performing the band with one song of Jay Chou which named 阳光宅男. This song was playing 'raw' by themselves with one set of drums and guitars. Really a good performance! They take up everyone to be high on LIVE.
PointingPlaying drums set
Playing guitarReady! Start to rock.
You can see what's their actions. Making cool and let almost the girls to admire? Nope. It's the ChungLing guys' style, acting cool! =)
Ice Fluid
When they were playing the song, the dry ice fluid was flying out from the stage. This makes the different effect and the feel was nice! That time everyone was high enough and shouting out with the most supportive.
Mini Concert?
Everyone was support the singer on the stage. Still got people making a simple word poster to support the singer on top. Everyone, put the hands up! Come on rocks.
UnitedPut up you hand
Tidy Shot!Posing again!
To perform out the supportative, do you put your hands up with others? Anyway, you can shout out to show your support. But you must look at the status when the event running. There were many people put their hands up and there was Kok Meng and Philip posing under my camera.
I like to support, do you like it? XD! Posted by GenYong 10.04.2009


eeling said...

u r krs?ei,ur sku jc nice?cn go beach 1...i lik it...

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