Wednesday, March 25, 2009

KRS Campfire Shoot Out

Recently in passed school holidays I have attended a lot of activities. One of them is KRS Campfire, KRS is my uniform unit whereas why don't me always mentioned about it? Because of I maintain active in this unit but not really have any performances and skill for me to role out!

By the way, this event was held in Chung Ling High School on 16.03.2009. The event started on 6.00pm until the time when rain heavily. I can said that this event got starting but no ending. It's end under the thunderstorm. The MCs didn't talk anything or give the closing ceremony speech.

Anyway, this is not their problem because of we also don't know the weather. Roughly can be saw is the planning was systematic and it's almost successful. The first step of KRS holding campfire in our school.
CDK Representative - Ker Ying
She is Ker Ying who's Nicholas' friend. She is also a blogger too! That day she represented the CDK KRS to perform for fashion show. Quite an attractive dressing and nice shot!
PCGHS Representatives

Besides Ker Ying, there were two girls from PCGHS KRS too. They dressed more normal but is quite a good try. I don't know why called they to face the camera screen but they refused! Maybe is shy. Ahaa! Holding an umbrella have different style.
Wow! One couple fashion show? Haha! Actually they were not couple. The one who acted girl is actually a boy. Can you imagine that how he can act as a girl. His face is so nice as a girl, his leg so thin and his body really slim like a girl. If you didn't look it nicely, you will thought that he is a girl! XD =)
Or maybe his make up plus his dressing is quite attrative make him looks like a girl! Everyone was shocked to see him and keep asking is he a girl? Haha! You can look the above photos and you can get what I mean! Heng Ee KRS Rocks.... good idea =)
Back view
Another one boy acted as girl. He is from Scout which is Nicholas' friend too. When he walked around the girls was shocked and he keep joking to the girls. Maybe his make up and dressing quite funny makes everyone attention! His dressing was reused all the recycle materials to make up, support recycle? XD!
Yang Jie Posing
Yang Jie is one of the MCs on that night. He was posing there and let me took a shot! He was guided all the program on that night and was performed a lot of songs. Danced with girls and many more. Really a good "play boy"! LOL. (just joking)
Hip Hop style
Making style
The one who acted like a 'gay' is Kok Meng. He is my friend, he likes to jokes, guiding a team to shout and talk many nonsense! One more thing is he likes to act. That night I can't believed that he will acted like this with a simple clothes. Beside him is one of the incoming HI COM, he was acting hip hop style! Chung Ling KRS Rocks too..... not bad! =)
Group Posing
Group Shot
After the round of walking, every 'models' were standing in front of the stage and let us taking photos! By the way, the Heng Ee's model was showing his muscle and our school model was acting gayness! XD =) The girls were normal as well as the posing too! Is quite a nice group photo! LOL. The more features will post up soon =) Posted by GenYong 25.03.2009


yihsn said...

Kok Meng still behave like a gay?
OMG...he is still the same like primary school time!

Anonymous said...

really interesting post...
keep up the gud work!!!

GenYong said...

@yihan haha, he is always like that. Oh ya, you same primary with him? Okay he is so crazy! =)

@Kevin Lim oh thanks! enjoy? =)

yihan said...

yes, we were classmates since standard 3. LOL. He loves to bring fun to everyone around him.

Anonymous said...

since ur blog so mani ppl go see,
y dun wan have a little responsible to our earth?
go post something about Earth Hour 60

GenYong said...

oiseh Earth Hour over. Haha! I regret that I was late

Anonymous said...

Happy Reborn Year[url=],[/url] harry! :)

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