Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Happy April Fool's day! Do you been cheated today? This morning when I reach my class, I shocked while I didn't saw my textbooks in my desk. I thought that this time sure kena ready!(taken to discipline room for claiming). But after that, the joker ZiQuan take out my all textbooks from the drawer. So I just realized that today is April Fool Day!

By the way, today what I want to show you are something random. Random photos in my collections. Cross Country Run, did you run? For your information, I didn't run and duty so that I baru can took many of photos. I ran for 2 years but for this year nope! All the same: venue same, people almost same, same ceremony but one just not same is the date and newcomers.
The champion
The champion under 18 years old is the purple team again! Our principal Mr Chuah was pass this award to the representative, Chin Tatt! I felt proud because I am purple in colour too!
Chin Tatt
Yo~! Chin Tatt won the medals again. Really good!
This was taken while the ceremony announcing those under 16 years old winners. For this group, the champion was red team. Congratulations them! Everyone on top was showing their medals for photo taking.
The winner
Peng Long was face here and I feel this was a nice shot from zoom in. They were keep posing for their medals and the medals were nice enough. I like the smiling of winners! =)
The guys were acting crazy. I put this photo on the Jaycees notice board and let everyone rocks when they saw this photo! After running, Walter together with ChienMing and HuaKen them to act crazy! =) It's one of the features. Posted by GenYong 01.04.2009

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