Thursday, August 6, 2009

YE Sales 2009

Yo guys, this will be the first post of the month August. Recently I have attend a lot of events and took a lot of photos. The main problem now is because of PMR is in front of me and I couldn't update my blog frequently. I would like to request sorry about that.

I have attended YE Sales Fair 09 which held at Queensbay Mall on 25th of July. The main purpose of going for this fair is because of supporting my friends in the Sales Fair. I still can remember that last year I was there supporting Nicholas Chan and his team. But now this year I was going to support Yong Seng and his team.
YE Sales Fair
The banner which placed near Breeks Cafe
YE Sales
As you can see the view of the YE Sales, full of booths and crowded of people. Seriously I'm not sure there were how many booths totally.
The stuffs
The Items
You can look through the products that made by our school students. All items were handmade by them, putting a lot of efforts and time. Nice?
This was an annual competition among the schools' Young Enterprise. Everyone has taken up the challenge and tried their best to achieve the good selling result.
CLHS Young Enterprise
PCGHS Young Enterprise
Both of these schools were popular school in Penang. One named Mercuralia Enterprise and another named as Dazzle Enterprise, which one better? XD!
CLHS Young Enterprise Stall
Key Chains
Buying Stuffs
Our school YE's stall was setup in full of the products such as photo frames, mini pouch, key chains and etc. But however I like the creativity of our schools' students who able to design out the nice pouch and key chains...

That day many teenagers were there(included ex-students). The last photo showed that the senior was attracted by the creatives of students in Phor Tay High School. At the end, we just looking forward for the result see whether who won the overall and etc. Will update upcoming soon >>> Chung Ling Tri Sports Day.

P/s: Add oil to everyone who are taking exams this week. Good luck to everyone and not to forget for PMR guys too... Posted by GenYong 06.08.2009


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