Thursday, August 27, 2009

Studies Come First

The time is flying and my school trials just left 6 days to reach. I am starting to nervous starting from now. I not really study everything well in this week. I have a lot of subjects need to study and this trial is considered important for me. It can decide whether I go for which category next year, A or B class. Not only 8 subjects need to study but it also included Moral, Sivik, Arts, Pendidikan Jasmani and also Information Technology.

It's quite a lot...
My mum always called up me to fully used up the time in afternoon for study. But I don't think I have done it... She have bought me a lot of reference books. Most of that was PMR Pass Year Collections which I choose myself. So I have to stop online starting from now until mostly my PMR done... Sorry ya blog readers you have to miss me again!
Reference Books
There are my collections of reference books.
My Exercises
I have plenty of exercises to complete, so my holidays will not feel bored.
Pass Year PMR Collections
I managed to collect the 6 subjects of PMR Pass Year Questions, just lack of Mathematics and Kemahiran Hidup.
The Model Paper
No matter how, I have managed to buy Kemahiran Hidup PMR Model Paper to be my exercise.
The Forecast Paper
I trust Sasbadi company that provided the 'Actual' Forecast Paper of PMR 2009. I bought it in whole set that included 6 subjects. I think that's enough for me!

So today already comes to Thursday. I have promised my mum that won't blog anymore during the preparations. So I should obey it! See you guys... If got chance I will sure post up the updates. Thank you very much! Add oil and wish myself luck in school trials and also PMR examination. Posted by GenYong 27.08.2009

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