Thursday, August 20, 2009

Visual Arts-Batik Session

Recently my school was let us to try out the batik practical making while the period of Visual Arts. By the way, this was the last and also the most interesting project for us. Next year I don't think everyone can expose themselves in Visual Arts anymore. So the most memorable and the most fun session was began for three weeks ago. Yesterday came to the last week for making the batik. Everyone was taking their time to complete it and passed up.

My friend GuangIan and ZiQuan were taking the opportunity to draw a bigger size. *Actually they have finished and passed up. They decided to do one more time rather than doing nothing. ZiQuan bought a new white clothes came to Art Room and used the colour nicely and perform his art work. Today while he received his work, as we Aviation1 was proud on them for designing such a nice batik for the arts exhibition used.
Designing batik
Colour Batik
They were performing their art works on top the white clothes. They just take 80 minutes time can completed everything, really cooperation is much important!
The Artists
As you can see the two artists Guang Ian and Zi Quan was putting their hard works on the batik. By the way, I like the colour. They used different colours to mix it and come out with the nice effect.
Types of flowers
Side View
The designing process going smoothly in 80 minutes and managed to settle everything in one day! That's really impossible for me but for them okay. I get attracted on the colours of the batik... I love it very much!
Guang Ian was holding the product and that's not yet completed. The background haven't colour yet. But can you see that the fast job makes differences? What I mean is the two artists really pro and managed to finish it in a short period of time! Good job GuangIan and ZiQuan, both of you were the proud of Aviation 1! Posted by GenYong 20.08.2009

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