Tuesday, August 25, 2009

ChungLing Tri Sports Day 2009

When I searching for some photos in my data storage I found those ChungLing Tri School Sports Day photos I haven't show everyone yet. So I take my opportunity to show everyone here. This happened on 31st of July which nearly one month ago. But I think this is a good chance let me to show you here.

This year the Tri School Sports Day was organized by Chung Ling Private High School. They used our field to have this sports day and I have the chance to take some photos here.
*That day was a school day, I just curi-curi took my camera to school for this such a big event. Hope you like these photos.
ChungLing Tri Sports Day
The words banner was done by us(Action Group) for hanging up.
Marching Teams
The marching teams were almost same like our school sports day. Just have an extra of girl guides. XD!
YE Booth
My school Young Enterprise was setup a small booth beside the hall.
The ChungLing private students was good in planning... They have planned a lot of performances out there. When you watch it you will feel that you're watching a drama. First there was a student came out and welcome the 'outcomers' to join the ChungLing Tri Sports Day.
Swing Out
For this section, I think they have practiced for long time. As you can see they can dance, swing along with the trumpets. After that they could run around the field with jumping. Finally they jumped up together! That's not easy to perform out this performance. The cooperation and spirits of team is really important, Good job!
Play Drums
Great Performances
When I was in afternoon session(Form1&2), I always heard that the drum sound when I went to Science Lab. I just realized that there were a band of players knocking at the drums. They can perform a lot of skills within a short period. They could change their way in knocking the drums, exchange drums with others. Finally they could join themselves together in a short time! Really perfect!
This performance was bring by those juniors. They read out the 弟子规 which called out everyone to obey the rules in school, perform well in school and etc. At the end they not to forget shout out 爱吾钟灵 that 4 words with their hands shaking for the welcome signal. Juniors, you all really 'geng'!
Opening Ceremony
When the performances ended, Guest of Honour announced the opening ceremony was done! Everyone quickly raise up the logo of Chung Ling with the sound of cheering and shouting...
Stand Straight
Stand Straight
After that they stand together and salute to the guests. I really glad to see that they're so polite in such events. Their efforts really touched in my heart! ChungLing Private, you have success. Next year I think our school will do it better than this! Add oil in good planning.
Tug War out there by ChungLing Butterworth.

P/s Next year 2010 is our school turn to organize this Tri School Sports Day. I think next year will have a lot of deals out there... Looking forward and really hope it will be a grand event! Posted by GenYong 25.08.2009

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