Saturday, August 8, 2009

Young Enterprise Stuffs

Last week when I walked around the YE Sales. I have bought two pouchs, one key chain and one bottle decoration stuffs. It cost me RM 16 but I think it worth it! Now what I want to show you is the pouch that attracted me to buy. Firstly attracted me was the colour of the pouch which contained Yellow, Red and Green.

By the way, I just managed bought two with own customized. The designer tried his best to design for me a fresh new look with creatives design. I like it very much....
The Pouch
This is it! I like both of them. The yellow is for me and the red is for the girl... Don't ask me who is she... XD!
Hadphone Pouch(Eevern)
Can it be the present for the girl? Haha... It's not costly that I understand but I have to thank designer who has put his effort on drawing both.

I Love Blogging
This is for myself! I like this colour so much with the creative design. But do you think that the spelling was wrong for blogging? Never mind!

I think the best product of Young Enterprise for this year is the pouch. The most sales, most beautiful, most attractive and it guided the top! Young Enterprise of ChungLing, Gambateh! Everyone knew that you all have put a lot of efforts, good luck! Posted by GenYong 08.08.2009

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