Saturday, August 8, 2009

Group Shots @ Strawberry Farm

I think better now I show you some group shots of my family while traveling at Strawberry Farm, Cameron Highland. I managed to take a lot of clear photos because of the good condition of weather and also the good mood of myself. Anyway, I love those group shots that taken without edit.

Group shot is a kind of special in one photo. To have a group shot wasn't easy as you think. It needs cooperation between each other.
Group Shot
My family were standing on the vegetables farm.
My cousins' family
My aunt and uncle was standing beside the strawberry model with my cousin Keegan.
Father and son
The father and son standing on vegetables farm making peace pose.
The funny shot
We acted funny and I was holding my cousin to prevent he ran away.
My sister with cousin
My sister has taken this photo with my cousin, it looks so sweet.
Dad and mum
Is the turn of my parents now. They are my dad and mum.
Sweet group
My mum was smiling sweetly to the camera and my dad too.
Aunt and Uncle
They are my aunt and uncle. Both of them smile sweetly!
Family shot
Four of us again. The happy family! I love my dad, mum, sister and my grandma.

At the end I would like to thank to the guy who holding the camera and did the good job. Thank you very much and my mum suggested me to print one photo to put in my new house. That's all and hope my uncle and cousins will like it! Posted by GenYong 08.08.2009

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