Sunday, August 9, 2009

Badminton Club AGM 2009

Last two weeks, I have attended 4 AGMs together there were School Youth Cadet, Co-operative Club, Leo Club and also Badminton Club. I brought along my camera but I just managed to use while the badminton club AGM. I gave to one Form 6 senior Ke Xuan and told him that my camera was 'free in service' on that time.

That day was 25th of July when the date was the most crowded in ChungLing High School. Most of the society was holding their Annual General Meeting on that day. Time flying and the people keep changing, I have successfully get 3 posts in all my clubs. The 3 positions I will tell you later!
The Members
Can you imagine one sport club have so many of members? I think the total number is 700 but this was just 1/4 of it only.
The Teacher Advisor
He is the teacher advisor, I really admired at him managed to hold this such a big club in a good status.
The Former President
The outgoing President Ke Xuan was giving his last speech in badminton club as a president.
The Former Committees
The outgoing committees was sitting below and watching on the schedule running. Some of them playing jokes and making pose to the camera.
The Form 6 Committees
The newly installed committees in badminton club. Seriously I don't know them, they're Form 6.
The new president has given something to the members. Actually you can see the crowd of member.

I don't know how come badminton club will have so many of members. Maybe everyone was familiar with badminton? Or the activity less? I have no idea. But really let me admired at the badminton club could able to manage the club that have 700 members. It's a good sign but a little bit monopolized. How other sports club survive? All the best, new president. Posted by GenYong 09.08.2009

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