Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Aviation 1 Website

Recently my class has an official blog. I am taking opportunities to share with all my readers. If you are free, can go and take a look. There collected a lot of featured photos that snapped in our class. Seems I have uploaded a few posts of 3TA1 and finally decided to create an official site for my class to share out everyone's mind.

This blog was launched one month ago. To boost up the readers rating, I take the responsible to promote it in my blog. Last but not least, you just go and take a look and don't forget to comment there. I'm sure you will like it and you will laugh non-stop after read it.

Here the link: www.clhsaviation1.blogspot.com
Go and take a look by supporting me. Posted by GenYong 11.08.2009

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