Sunday, July 27, 2008

YE Sales 2008@Queensbay Mall

Last week, I went to Queensbay Mall to support my friends-Nicholas, Alvin, Tee Jin, Zheng Feng, Wei Huai and many more (almost bloggers). They were having YE Sales there. What is YE? YE=Young Enterprise. Actually Young Enterprise is like a company maintained by a committee(students). They produced their own products, promote by themselves and do sales to community. Alright now let looks at the photos below:
There the banner of welcoming peoples to visit and shop in the sales!
This our school Chung Ling High School company name. There is our school YE stall Ozio Enterprise! Is a quite creative name and easy to remember.
YE Stalls
There have 22 of the YE stalls. That's mean got 22 schools YE challenging for their handmade sales!
There are the products of Ozio Enterprise. O Handy Book is the most popular to all the buyers.
Designing O Book
This is the designer who was designing the O Book design for me. He was good in arts! Creative drawings and maintained the stuffs well to customers.
YEs were busy to serve the 'new comers' who visit the sales.
This is PCGHS stall that they sell stuffs at great price! Cool. Nicholas and Alvin were busy to talk with their friends and they snapped a lot of photos!
Crowded Peoples
There are crowded of peoples at the corner of North Zone. Actually the sales was held in the 1st Floor of North Zone @ Queensbay Mall.
This is the stuffs that I bought that day. Total up cost up me RM13+, now I just realized that YE stuffs not cheap at all!
This the O Book that I used RM10 to buy. But I feel this is comfortable because there got my name 'GenYong' and the 'Ozio Enterprise' words. I like the design and also the creative that contains in this stuffs!

Alright, I just show you until here. Any further photos and more nice photos click here. Thank you. I will going to have my revision starting on this week. One more week my exam is coming so I must work hard from now! Kambateh to me! I will back online on 080808 That's Olympic Opening Ceremony! Check it out! Posted by GenYong 27/07/2008


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