Friday, July 31, 2009

988 Roadshow 全民共舞最好玩

Last Saturday was a peak Saturday. Penang Island so lively on that day, everywhere held events. If not mistaken Queensbay Mall was holding two events those were Annual Young Enterprise Sales and also the 988 Roadshow to Penang. Actually what attracted I went to Queensbay Mall was the special events brought by radio station 988.
988 banner
I thought that this events held by 988 was to remember Michael Jackson with his song Beat It! But when I arrived there, I just heard some familiar DJs' sound. I couldn't see anyone there dancing or even break dance...
Firstly I heard ahLuke's sound and seems he was giving out something to the audiences. Everyone was so shy to accept his present and finally he called out those who can answer his question will won the whole gift.
The DJs
Besides ahLuke, there was also two DJs from 988 came. I not really know their names but I think they're still new in 988. Both of them hosted the event and just ahLuke always making jokes with the audiences.
As you can see there were so many people around watching this event. Luckily this event was not crowded by people as I got the chance to make myself inside to the photographs zone. Good! XD.
Picking Numbers
They were playing games with the audiences and called up groups to play the games and won the prizes that sponsored by Julie's biscuit company. One of the DJs was picking the numbers for the participant.
The DJs were discussing how to help those participants to win the prize and ahLuke was thinking some jokes to kacau the participants and block the way of participants. After he success he will laugh until so funny... XD! ahLuke really a good joker!
988 Roadshow
988 Roadshow2
988 Roadshow3
At the end, ahKen(988's DJ)was group with one boy and playing the biscuit transferring games. They had to use their mouth to transfer the biscuit. Mouth on mouth, what they laughed at was the little boy have to sacrifice his first kiss with ahKen. It's so funny after playing this games... Everybody laughed!

By the way, I was first time being to 988 roadshow to Penang. Since there were a lot time they came to Penang but where they mostly dropped by was Auto City. I was happy to see the real DJ in front of me! My favourite chinese radio station 988 is always the best!

988 最好听!
Posted by GenYong 31.07.2009

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