Thursday, July 23, 2009

Strawberry Farm at Cameron Highlands

Recently I went to Cameron Highland with my family. We have visited the famous Strawberry Farm in Cameron Highland which brought by my cousin deewei. He was the tour guide for us and pointing the spot of Cameron Highland for us to visit. It's a cool weather and it's suit us...

I think for this post I show you the vegetables photos first, let you to see that how they plant vegetables compare with us Penangites.
Purple Cabbages
They used a special style to plant their vegetables. They plant the vegetables a few roll of pipes, inside contains some soil and they setup the water channel transfer under it. The above photo was showing a nice purple cabbages which we used to eat with salad.
Green Cabbages
I don't think these two kinds of vegetables called cabbages. I really not sure what name they owned. Who knows that? You can see that almost the vegetables was not on the ground. They were planted in the pipes with sufficient organic materials with water supply.
Water channels
Here is the water channel that what I mentioned just now. Everything now went into organic, so the strawberry farm officers also used the water channel for supplying water, food for the vegetables. Do you think that the plants will being more healthy?
Green vegetables
Double Strawberries
Besides that, I had a cute shot with this two little strawberries. I found it hardly and finally my mum called me and took a look. It's really cute, tiny and doubled! I didn't saw it before, do you?

By the way, we were visited a lot of place too... The more photos will update upcoming next, stay tuned on GenYong UNITY, I'm sure you get a lot of the features photos. Posted by GenYong 23.07.2009


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